A to Z about Wedding Video Dublin with the Best and The Most Artistic Making

wedding videography dublinDublin is a beautiful city that hosts so many attractive venues with romantic ambiance. There are lots of places for many wedding couples to have pre-wedding pictures or videos. As there is a significant demand of wedding video Dublin, there are many videographers in this city who claim that they are the best in providing both pre-wedding and post wedding. So, any wedding couple can choose one among several videographers, based on their previous works and budget. Shop around for the best one is time consuming though it is worth everyone’s time and money.The videographer has to own good sense of artistic aspect, along with high skills to enhance a video’s attractive aspects which are based on the scenes’ combination.

We can say that a good wedding video Dublin can capture unique events, enjoyable atmosphere, and the whole celebration, though it should not cover all events from the beginning to the last. Only a professional videographer can capture amazing moments which might be forgotten or missed by the guests and the wedding couple. It is not an easy thing to do because a video will be very boring when it shows ‘merely’ series of events without any unique scene from the guests, and the couples themselves. Besides, it requires equipment with a high level of technology to add special effects with very excellent attention to detail.


A high quality wedding video Dublin is not as expensive as many wedding couples imagine. Though it may be pricier than the average one, it is worth paying because editing videos need more than forty hours. It can be longer, especially when the clients have special requests related with the must-included scenes as well as some necessary changes, based on clients’ requirements. The videographer will show the video for clients to give approval or suggestions before finally give the edited wedding video in the form of a DVD. We can notice the final result of a home-made video and an edited video by using a DSLR camera. A wedding video from high-technology equipment has better resolution with a softer look.


Professional videographers in Dublin usually offer various packages that their clients can choose. Simple packages include guest’s arrival before the arrival of the bride and the groom, full scenes of ceremony, meet and greet, outside sessions at the church and the wedding hall. For a more elaborate package, the wedding couples can expect to see some scenes like entrance to dining hall, full speeches of the priest, first dance, cake cutting, and guest messages. Each package usually includes 3 to 4 DVDs within very exclusive and personalised case. There are also Chapter and Menu selection with customised motion. Some packages may include additional HD blu-ray disc.


A special package of an exclusive wedding video Dublin includes the music of clients’ choice, Facebook share montage, personalised label, groom microphone and many more. There are actually so many to explore when it comes to hiring a professional videographer. Once clients see the previous works and the offered packages, it will be very easy for them to decide the well-hired videographer.